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Get the most unique senior portraits, family portraits or couples/engagement portraits on your trip with me! If you check out my countries list below and want to coordinate being in the same country at the same time we should do a portrait shoot. No extra charges too! Just the normal rates I have and we’ll have fun!

The below list is in no order of priority, but of course each trip I have to plan 3-12 months ahead of time varying the budget needed for it. I do intend to travel to 3-6 countries a year.


  1. Japan
  2. Thailand
  3. Hong Kong
  4. India
  5. England
  6. Ireland
  7. Mexico
  8. Colombia
  9. Vancouver, Canada
  10. Italy (Milan/Rome/Florence & Bologna)
  11. Spain
  12. Paris, France
  13. Belgium
  14. Sweden
  15. Greece
  16. South Africa
  17. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  18. Egypt
  19. Philippines


  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Hawaii
  3. Alaska
  4. New York City (regularly visited)
  5. Philadelphia (regularly visited)
  6. Allentown, PA
  7. South East Florida (Miami/Fort Lauderdale)
  8. Southern, CA – Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County
  9. Seattle
  10. Atlantic, GA
  11.  Los Vegas, NV

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